A Client Success Story (case study) on Business Design

In this case study i’ll go over the crucial role i played in helping a fellow entrepreneur turn his passion based business idea into a fully operational business netting $5000+ a month while only working part time hours.

Naming and Positioning the Business:
I created a memorable name that clearly communicates what the business does and instantly positions it within the market.
Based on existing demand i positioned the multifaceted business to appeal to the higher ticket corporate customers first, ensuring instant cash flow.
Using the word ‘association’ in the name asserted a high level of market dominance right from the beginning.

Logo Creation:
I designed a simple and effective logo that aligns with the companies corporate facing positioning. The businesses full name and acronym is in the logo ensuring clear communication.

Domain Registration and Custom Email Setup:
The .com domain for the business was unavailable so I strategically chose the .org variation further aligning the business with its corporate customers.
After securing an official domain I set up professional email accounts such as name@businessname.org to present the company as professionally as possible through email communication.

Website Creation:
I developed a user-friendly, visually appealing website that effectively showcases the business's services and brand identity, enhancing online visibility and driving enquiries via an inbuilt contact form.
Later i implemented a booking system allowing public customers to book services quickly and easily without the need to email or text the business.
The website also features an email capture encouraging retail customers to join the newsletter increasing potential value from all site visitors through future email marketing campaigns.

Crafting Service Offerings:
I analysed various revenue-generating opportunities aligned with the client's passion, identifying and focusing on those with the highest earning potential. This strategic selection was translated into a clear, compelling price list for potential customers. This approach not only streamlined the client's service offerings, allowing them to quote almost instantly, but also directly contributed to securing an initial sale exceeding $15,000.

Billing and Tracking:
I taught the client how use invoice generating software to bill clients and track services in a professional way ensuring their invoicing practices met expected industry standards.

Procurement and Product Design:
Based on the company's first two years of sales data, I created a complementary offering that was quickly adopted by clients and is forecasted to generate an additional $30,000 in revenue within 12 months. I sourced and secured the necessary equipment and materials for the company's service offerings before teaching the client how to do so themselves.

Official Business Registration:
I walked the client through each step involved in officially registering the business such as applying for an Australian Business Number which is crucial to operating a company in Australia as well as registering the business with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission which is required to open a legitimate business account.

Graphic Design:
I created advertising graphics and flyers for the client using graphic design software before teaching them how to do it themselves.

This list covers some, but not all, of the services I provide as a business designer. I assist high-income earners in transitioning from employees to owners, help established operators launch new businesses, and guide aspiring entrepreneurs in launching their first business.

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