Service Business Method

The most simple version of this that comes to mind is a website for a service business. I would go to and make a free website that clearly explains what i do, how much i charge, and make it dead simple for the customer to contact me. If you’re low on funds don’t spend any money until you’ve made a sale or two. Use the free version of the website builder and the URL that comes with it and make a email address for now. and are perfectly fine!

Too often people fuss over these details before getting to the point of actually seeing if they can get a customer. Get a customer first to validate your offer before you start spending on the perfect presentation.

As for charging your customer, in this scenario an invoice works best.

Over the years I’ve charged over $100,000 through the first free invoice generator i ever found online:

This part scares people but it really shouldn’t. You fill out who the invoice is being sent to[your customer], who it is being sent from[you], you state what services your performing and how much your charging for them and then put your bank details down the bottom. You email it to your customer and they put the money right into your bank account.

It’s literally that simple.

In summary: Make a quick free website to show available service > take booking > perform service > invoice customer > get paid.


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