YouTube Channel Golf Example

I've thought a lot about all the businesses I'll (sadly) probably never start. One of them is just going all in on content and media creation in something I'm passionate about. The beauty of that route is that you get to genuinely do the thing you love until you find a way to monetize it. For this example, it's golf. But you can use your imagination to apply the same principles to something you love.

I've seen the way that opportunities open up to those who put themselves out there to the point that I've come to see "just starting" as a precise tactic. Which is why I think making a YouTube channel about something you love is as solid a business plan as any.

I love golf. So, something that would be incredibly fun for me would be making a YouTube channel where I play golf at all my local courses (eventually traveling further and further), reviewing the courses, and creating YouTube and Instagram content such as Course Reviews, Hole Reviews, and just golf vlogs in general.

That alone, on a long enough timeline, is a potential business, but it would rely primarily on lots of views of your content. So, I think while filming and editing the content for yourself, for your own business and fun, you could also create packages of content and try to sell it to golf courses for use in their social media outreach.

This act alone could open up a whole world of opportunity for you, just reaching out to business owners with a product ready to purchase. Not asking for work like everyone else, but saying, "Here, this is ready! If you want to purchase it."

I think people underestimate how valuable even a small audience can be. And overestimate how hard building physical products actually is. Which is why I think there's also an opportunity for passionate content creators to create physical product brands. Having specialized products manufactured under your own brand name, and selling directly to an audience you already own and engage with is such a direct channel with a huge margin. You wouldn’t have to compete with the major golf companies on product and price because they would not be able to compete with you on audience connection and brand loyalty.


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