My Story in 10 Sentences

At 18, I launched a petition to upgrade my local skatepark, which caught the attention of the mayor who then hired me to host youth engagement workshops and run skatepark competitions.

My whole life revolved around skateboarding, but running skatepark competitions exposed me to freestyle scootering. After trying it out, I made the switch.

I convinced a scooter company owner to let me work for him.

I quit my comfortable, secure job to work in his skate and scooter shop startup.

I stopped working for him and joined a very successful competitor.

Not feeling valued, I started my own brand to safeguard my future.

I was approached by multiple investors and raised enough money to launch my own retail store.

After 3 years, I closed that physical retail store and pivoted to online only, freeing up a lot of time to focus on the brand.

My brand experienced exponential growth resulting in a life-changing perspective on freedom and entrepreneurship, eventually compelling me to write about it and share my story. 

For a slightly deeper dive on my story see Finding Freedom.

To skip the story and find out how i think about freedom and entrepreneurship checkout Freedom Frameworks.

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