Don't Sell Time

You’re not going to get rich renting out your time. You must own equity - a piece of a business - to gain your financial freedom.
-Naval Ravikant

It’s been many years since I worked on an hourly rate. As I mentioned before, when I was 23, I calculated how much money I would earn in my life based on my hourly rate, the available hours I had to work in a week, and the amount of weeks I statistically had left to live. I refused to accept that this calculation could apply to me. The fact that this question even had an answer did not sit right with me. I knew I wanted more from life than what I saw around me, but I had yet to realize that I would never achieve it from a job that paid by the hour. For years, I would continue to work for others, trading my time for the lowest hourly rate they could get me to agree to.

Even when i went on to start my own business, i didn’t realise what i was setting myself up for. My only financial goal was for the business to cover my rent and food. I went 4 and half years paying myself just enough to cover the most basic of expenses when my business partner mentioned all of our accounts were balanced up and there was a large excess of profit to split. Just like that, one lump sum bigger than anything I’d ever imagined hit my account.

The 5 years prior I’d been working mostly full time, in the same industry doing almost the same thing. But on multiple occasions i left the company and walked away with nothing. The difference this time was that i owned the company.

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