Long Term Games

Pick and industry where you can play long term games with long term people. -Naval Ravikant

Unfortunately, my lessons here were learned the hard way. Before starting my own business in the scooter industry, I worked for two others. I left both in an unprofessional manner and on very bad terms.

The first time was justified, and while I wish I had handled myself better, I don't exactly regret the way things went down.

The second time, however, I definitely had the opportunity to finish up in a much more professional manner, but didn't.

The company I left on bad terms was one of the biggest in the industry, and when I went on to start my own business, I very quickly learned how important it is not to burn bridges. But it was too late; the damage had been done.

Not only did they initially refuse to supply me, but other suppliers in the industry were aware of the falling out and feared that supplying me and my new business would cause my former employer to stop doing business with them.

I was playing a long-term game with long-term people, but I was playing it wrong. Had I maintained a friendly and professional relationship with my previous employer, I have no doubt the first year of my new business venture would have gone immeasurably smoother.

A decade later in the same industry and now slightly wiser, I can see that the majority of the bigger players who I dealt with then are still around now. I managed to do okay for myself, mostly by myself, but I can't help but think how much better things could have been for me had I thought longer term and made an effort to develop and maintain more positive-sum relationships with more people in the industry.

I picked an industry where i could play long term games with long term people, but i messed up early and learnt the hard way over a long career.

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