Regan Thompson

Hey there, I’m Regan.

The quick brag is that i created a little business empire around my passion for freestyle scootering. (See NATIVE, Syndicate,)

In doing this for over a decade i learnt a lot about launching, scaling and operating businesses.

Now i enjoy writing about the intersection of business and lifestyle design.

I also offer a service where i build and develop businesses for people looking to fast-track their idea into a fully operational business in 30 days.

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Start With Nothing

How to start a business when you have no money.


Trust The Process

How to trust the process and why you need to.


Unlimited Upside

Why you need to work on things that have unlimited upside.

  • Finding Freedom

    A quick read that chronologically details the major points of my entrepreneurial journey.

  • Freedom Frameworks

    My thoughts, theories and experiences regarding entrepreneurship and financial freedom.

  • Business Building

    Learn more about the business building and development service i offer to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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