Business Building and Development Service

Drawing on over a decade of experience launching, scaling, and operating multiple 7-figure businesses of my own, I offer a business building and development service designed to fast-track your idea into a fully operational business in 30 days.

Unlike traditional advisors or business coaches, I take a manual approach, personally handling every aspect of the business creation process to bring your business to life sooner.

My Business Building and Development Service includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  1. Idea Development: Refining and developing your initial idea into a viable business concept.
  2. Business Planning: Creating detailed business plans, including market research, financial projections, and strategic planning.
  3. Brand Development: Designing the brand, including name, logo, and brand identity.
  4. Product/Service Development: Developing the product or service, including design, prototyping, and sourcing.
  5. Operational Setup: Setting up the operational infrastructure, such as supply chains, production processes, and logistics.
  6. Marketing and Sales: Developing and implementing marketing strategies, creating sales funnels, and establishing sales channels.
  7. Technology Integration: Building or integrating necessary technology solutions, such as websites, e-commerce platforms, booking platforms and customer relationship management systems.
  8. Handover and Training: Training the business owner or staff and handing over the fully operational business.

The possibilities are endless; retail store, consumer goods brand, personal trainer, media company, food truck, event management company, educational business, mowing and gardening services, VR gaming arcade, restaurant, wellness retreat or almost anything you can think of.

With my extensive operational experience and passion for solving problems i’m certain i can get your dream business open and thriving.

My rate is a flat fee of $9,950 per project with the intention of finishing any project within 30 days. For longer term projects additional months would be charged at a discounted rate.

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