Do It Yourself

While on the topic of direction and picking which way to go its very common for people to start a venture with someone else. I think it comes about because its so natural to discuss your desires to start a business with those around you, all it takes is a bit of inspired back and forth between friends and you’ve got a business plan going, a name and maybe even some merch on the way.

I do not recommend this. I’ve personally regretted doing this and have mentored multiple people through the same experience.

It just becomes too hard and too awkward when you aren’t both aligned at the same time.

You end up resenting the other person for not working as hard and often as you. And then you only hurt yourself and the business further by not working harder on your business because your partner isn’t and you don’t want to keep perpetuating that same unfair balance.

It’s all well and good when your starting out and everything is fun and its about hyping each other up and getting the ball rolling, making something out of nothing.

But when you’ve single handedly made $1000 and have to give $500 of it to someone who you feel didn’t do as much for it, it becomes a complex situation.

All that being said, there are exceptions, i currently co own multiple business, meaning i have multiple different business partners, i’ve learnt to make it work.

But for someone starting out in business, trying to take control of their life and freedom, the last thing you want is to be relying on someone else who’s motivation and consistency you have no control over.


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