Intro & Interweaving Streams

Your business is exactly that, your business! While it isn’t 100% necessary it especially helps when it’s about something you love.

The more you love it, the higher chance you have of lasting long enough to see a profit. For some, doing something you don't love can be its own punishment.

If you're going to the effort of starting your own business and everything that entails, it just seems like you may as well be absolutely, wholeheartedly obsessed with the thing you're getting into.


Interweaving Streams:

I started a brand, which led me to start a retail shop, which in turn led me to start a distribution company. All three have done well over the years, but rarely at the same time.

Sometimes, I regretted having to split my focus across three entities; at other times, I counted my lucky stars that I had all three when two were not doing so well.

It's hard to say if undivided focus on one would have made up for the difference or not, and if I had had to choose one to focus on, I wouldn't have known which one to pick.

But over the years there has been clear benefits for me in having multiple and interweaving streams of income.

I'm not saying you should start three businesses; I'm just saying you should be open to the potential interweaving income streams. Especially when starting out, as you are unaware of what exactly will work.

Im going to give some examples of ways i’ve made money over the years as well as some ideas i’ve played around with and thought about over the years.

Pay attention to the way certain opportunities arise as well as the business within the business frameworks.


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