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For the last couple of years, I've had a podcast for my online scooter shop.

Setting up a decent podcast studio is quite exhaustive. After years of doing it on and off, and having to pack down and set up the studio equipment many times in different houses and warehouses, I decided I wanted a permanent spot for it. A place where I could really spend the effort to create a nice studio and keep it set up week to week, ready to go, as opposed to packing it down so it's not taking up my living room all week when it's not in use.

After a lot of searching and even a bit of haggling (which is rare for me), I finally found an office that had nighttime access and wasn't too expensive. I signed a lease and went all out on the setup.

Once everything was finally set up, I had a thought.

I wondered how many people out there wished they could do a podcast for their business but didn't have the equipment, the knowledge to operate the equipment, or somewhere to set it all up. I've already got it all; I'm already doing it all. Surely, not everyone who wants to do a podcast has to go through everything I've just experienced.

So, I decided, why not? I'll make my services available to others and see if anyone wants to help cover the cost of renting this office. Here's the ad I posted:

“Podcast Studio and Engineer in Logan $399 - 2-hour session - Includes everything.

You and a guest can rent the space, and I'll act as the engineer. I'll set up the audio and video, press record, then leave the room.

Or perhaps you have a business and want someone to interview you? I'd be happy to! Explaining your story and why you're good at what you do on video will do wonders for your business (speaking from experience!).

I will handle everything and give you the final edited, ready-to-upload files.

I can also help with content management, such as getting your stuff listed on YouTube and Spotify, and embedded on your website.

Up to 3 mics. 1 video angle (as seen in photo) (angle can be changed).”

Within days, someone responded: "When are you available?"

It didn't end up converting into a sale, but that was enough for me to see some potential, to somewhat validate the idea. To know that I was right in thinking there are other people out there who would value this setup and my experience.

One Gumtree ad, 66 views, and 1 warm lead at $200 an hour — pretty damn good.

I was doing this podcast for myself, for my business, and for my own enjoyment. But had I been a bit more attentive to my Gumtree ad, it could have easily turned into a whole business of its own.

Not only could it evolve into its own business, but as a podcasting enthusiast, selling the service would naturally introduce you to a roster of individuals on a wavelength similar to yours. Every booking could potentially add two new guests for interviews on your own podcast. You’d have access to the cream of the crop.


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