Product Reviews As Content

Despite how popular this method of gaining attention is online i still think its underrated.

Watching product reviews of products you have no business actually buying is part of the fun of a deep dive into a new hobby. I’ve been doing it on and off for years and a huge game changer for me was when i filmed a product review of a new scooter deck that came out and one of my friends told me that in the video, i held up the product in a certain way that showed him (the viewer) a specific section of the product that wasn’t shown in the product photos listed on my website. Having seen what he wanted to see he instantly made his purchase.

I’ve seen people build multimillion dollar empires of the back of product reviews. Whether you are trying to drive sales to your own product, your own store, or garner attention to sell ad spots to other brands and stores, product reviews should not be under estimated as a form of digital leverage.


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