Scooter Company

As a scooter rider and scooter company owner, my main method of marketing for the last 10+ years has been to film my friends and i riding our scooters and put the videos on YouTube where other scooter riders naturally come across it, see how we ride our scooters and occasionally decide they want the same scooters as we are riding in the videos which are designed specifically for doing the kind of tricks we do.

I have survived of this method since 2011. It works!

The beauty of this example is that even if it didn’t work i’d still be having a lot of fun along the way. This is where it really helps to be doing something you love, that way even if business doesn’t go to well you’re still enjoying the process and reaping a lot of rewards regardless. If you love what you’re doing you’re much more likely to last through the initial grind until you start to make money.


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