Skatepark Reviews As Content

It’s very common for skaters, scooter riders, bmx’rs etc to look up a skatepark online before going there. To be honest i wouldnt even go to a skatepark without quickly googling it.

Over the years i have gone to various skateparks and filmed reviews of them. To give people who might be keen to visit them an even better look at the skatepark then what they’d get from a couple pictures on google. These video reviews now spring to the top of google when people search up the names of these skateparks. This puts me and my scooter store right in front of this person when they’re sitting on their phone or computer eager to go and ride their scooter. It’s showed my brand to 1000’s of people, generating 1000’s of visits to my website and $1000’s in sales. (that's a low guess).

And the best part? I had fun making the videos! It’s something id enjoy doing even if it didn't generate sales for my business.


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