Taking Bookings

Taking a booking can be as simple as displaying your contact details on your website and a customer emailing, texting or calling you and the two of you agree to a time.

The next step up from this would be having a booking form on your website where the customer can input there name and contact details and details of the work they need completed for you to review and get back to them. Most website builders, including Carrd.co have a super simple form option built in.

Theres also the option to take bookings through easy to use software like Calendly. This way you can display the time slots you’re available to work and even get paid at the time of booking. This option would insist on your offering being quite productised. It wouldn’t work for lawn care because theres too many variables like size of yard and condition of lawn but it would work fine for dog walking or car cleaning where the variables can easily be factored into the booking price.

Unless your selling physical or digital products through an online store, then your going to have to take bookings. Whatever system you choose just make sure you’re confident and ready. The success of your business rests on your ability to get a customer to contact you and commit to a booking. Oh, and then you have to complete the job!


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