The Math On Virtual and Digital Products

Virtual Products

Virtual Products like website creation and video editing incur costs such as adobe creative cloud subscriptions and stock image library access. Editing video often requires a high quality computer and expensive external storage too. You need to consider the cost of software and hardware over the course of a year and divide it by the amount of weeks or months in the year. That’s your operating cost.


Digital Products

This course your taking is a Digital Product.

It took me over 10 years of lived experience to learn and 6 months of deep thinking and regular writing to get it ready to release. Then it cost me $50 a month to house it in the software your currently viewing it in. For every sale a small percentage goes to the payment processor.

I spend time promoting it through various social media accounts and strategies.

But essentially, it costs (almost) $0 to run, so when i make a $50 sale, i actually make $50 profit (or very very close too).

If my life costed $2000 a week and my course sold at $50 a pop I’d need to sell 40 a week to survive. Luckily i am not trying to live solely on course sales cause 40 customers a week is a bit daunting.


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