The Reps

You need to have faith in inertia, that is, faith that in doing the thing, more things will come your way.

The way my business actually ended up succeeding and how I make an income is very different from how I thought it would be at the start. The thing about launching is that you can get live, instant feedback. Suppose you're two weeks in and nobody has bought your products or booked your service. Is it too expensive? Reduce the price. Is it too cheap? Increase the price. Do they not understand what you're offering? Try explaining your product or service clearer. Is nobody visiting your website? Create more content that will lead them there. I've heard Jack Butcher talk about instant feedback loops so much that I'm convinced it's the most important thing when starting out.

At the starting stage more than ever, It’s all about reps. Take a shot, see if it works, get actionable feedback and keep going until something works.

The Process Of Trying And Iterating


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