My friends and i once found ourselves riding our scooters and filming clips in a highway ditch street spot opposite a karate dojo. The owner came out and approached us. He struck up a conversation then pointed at our camera and started talking about how he wanted to start making karate tutorials and post them on YouTube. This was maybe 2012/13 too so the guy was pretty early to the YouTube game in that sense.

Anyway, he asked if any of us wanted to make some money filming and editing the videos for him and i took him up on his offer.

I went on to make hundreds of dollars from just a couple of sessions with him.

At the time, I was earning $20 an hour working 9 to 5 in a retail shop, but filming videos for him i made around five times my hourly rate.

Operating a camera was just a side-skill I'd picked up by trying to capture my friends riding scooters. But by this point, my entrepreneurial drive was ramping up, and I was seeing opportunities appear.


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