Youth Instructor

You might start promoting your ‘skateboard lessons’ company, only to attract the attention of someone from the local council looking to hire someone to host a skate competition at the opening of a new skatepark in their town.

I once started a petition to upgrade my local skatepark which attracted the attention of our towns mayor who ended up hiring me to run a string of skatepark competitions and hiphop workshops.

In my experience trying one thing can very easily expose you to totally unexpected but welcome opportunities.

Similarly, a friend of mine made it known that he was starting a business teaching scooter lessons. His announcement attracted the attention of a youth worker who suggested the idea of teaching a "Scooter Maintenance" class at their youth centre.

The job pays three times the amount of an average scooter lesson and is booked 8 lessons at a time. It has since spread throughout their network to multiple campuses creating a full time wage on less than part time hours for my friend.

Luckily, he didn't just say, "Sorry, I only do scooter lessons." He kept his mind open to interweaving income streams.

Skateboarding or Scootering could be swapped for any sport or activity your good enough at that you could confidently teach the ins and outs of it to a beginner.

And don't just think in terms of teaching the sport. You can potentially teach about the equipment involved too. I’ve worked with people who make a living taking old bikes to youth centres and teaching the students how to put fix them up.

Youth centres and councils are desperate for passionate professionals in fields that engage the youth, such as action sports for example. They have budgets that are incentivised by youth engagement, but the average youth worker can't skate, paint graffiti, or make hip hop music. So they always seem excited by those who can and are willing to embrace a professional role and run workshops.

I don't think I could make a living solely as a hip hop artist relying on streams and concerts. But i’m certain I could make a living teaching hip hop music production at youth centres. After all, when I was 15, I was taught hip hop music production by a guy who made a living teaching students hip hop music production… see what i did there?


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